We use solar energy to produce electricity

Sunlight is one of the sources of energy from time immemorial. Using solar energy for making electricity is becoming almost a necessity in the contemporary era of greenhouse gases and global warming. It’s necessary to use the renewable sources of energy as much as possible and thus help our nature and the whole planet. The Sun is shining on all over the world. Due to our long-time experience and using the latest techniques in the field of acquiring solar energy, we are able to found our solar power station anywhere in the world.

Naturally, our system will be the most effective in places were the Sun shines the most frequently. Currently, we are able to design and provide both, a small mobile solar power station, and a big power station for various schools, hospitals, villages or small towns. Hardly anybody knows that there are still 1.1 billion people in the world without any access to electricity. What is important, these people live in the regions where the Sun shines a lot

Advantages of a personal solar power station

We designed our own – unique solution for a mobile solar power station

Thanks to its size, this mobile solar power station is suitable also in less accessible regions where the electric power has been produced with traditional oil generators so far, or where there has been no electric power. The mobile solar power station is composed of following parts: a transport container, a battery and solar panels. There are following attributes of the system:


 You can order our standardized mobile power station easily on our web sites (payment possibilities included). In case of bank funding or grants and subventions, we will provide you all the necessary data so the trade could go off successfully.


    The solar power station will be delivered within 5-6 weeks from your payment. Our mobile power stations are produced in several different factories all over the world. We inform our customers regularly about the delivery date  


        The great advantage of our mobile solar power station is its size. Thanks to its few-foot size of a classic container you can move it anywhere in the world (with road, railway, sea or air transport). The transport is provided by leading logistic companies /DHL, FEDEX, UPC/.


        Our mobile solar power station is designed the way so it contains basic components enabling you, after an ordinary installation, to produce electric power according to a chosen type of power station. In case you prefer an assistance while assembling the power station, there is a possibility to invite an assembly technician.   


          For more information about why to have its own power plant HERE

          Who we are looking for

          Electric power is very important for every company and every human being in the world.

          We are looking for a contractual cooperation with a potential producer of our mobile solar power stations. We are looking for the companies which have their own production capacities (mechanical and locksmith companies) and which are interested in producing mobile solar power stations for us. This way, such companies will ensure employment for their employees in this hugely perspective field for a long time. Also we are open to a cooperation with such companies that would create their production capacities “on a greenfield site”. Furthermore, we are looking for qualified sellers, trading partners from all over the world – if you search for a perspective field you could work in and get to interesting earning possibilities, self-realization and travelling, then this field is designated for you. What is more, we offer a possibility of an interesting cooperation to consulting firms, banks and investors – in case you are able to provide subsidies or financial resources to buy these solar power stations. If you are interested in cooperation with us, don’t hesitate to contact us..

          Therefore we are looking for:

          1. contract manufacturers of our mobile solar power - We are looking for companies that have their own production capacity (machinery, metalwork firms) and they want us in the form of contractual collaboration to produce mobile solar power. These companies will have secured for their employees to work in this very promising field for a long time. We give the possibility of cooperation and businesses that production capacity created a "green field".

          2. advisory and consulting firms, banks and private investors - If you know how to secure funding or finance the research, manufacture and sale of these solar power plants, please contact us. Together, we think of an interesting opportunity for cooperation for both sides.

          3. capable dealer business partners, service partners throughout the world -if you are looking promising field in which you work and get an interesting earning potential, self-fulfillment and the ability to travel, so this particular course is intended for you. Our business partners learn how to get grants, how to use their work to the maximum extent the Internet, how to work with LinkedIn to sell through affiliate and many other important sales knowledge and skills that will lead to a simpler, faster your work.

          It's up to you whether you want to in this promising field of renewable natural energy to implement, to help a lot of people in the world to improve their standard of living and, of course, make some interesting funds.

          If you decide to work with us, please contact us.


           The average number of kW our mobile solar power station is able to produce


            The number of states in which our mobile power station is able to produce electricity


              The number of mobile solar units we intend to produce in 2016


                The world’s population without the access to electric power


                  Our mobile power station is used in different fields of human activities, e. g. army, agriculture, hotel industry, sports, tourist industry, education and health services, forest industry, various constructions (of mini-breweries, buildings), water treatment, etc. 

                  Description of the device

                  Mobile solar power station is composed of a construction for panels and a metal covering (container sized as follows: 5.8 m in length, 2.2 m in width and 2.2 m in height). All the electric and electronic elements of the power station are hidden in the metal container. Thus, “the heart of the power station” is perfectly hidden and is able to resist common weather conditions (such as rain, wind and so on). What is more, no robber will be able to get there.  

                  Everything is hidden behind metal door. Only solar panels are exposed to the Sun. The metal container of the power station is used as a base for the panel field. Suitable size of the power station is determined by several factors. 1.) How much electricity (kWh) you need to produce every day.

                  2.) How much electricity (kWh) you prefer to store in batteries.

                  3.) What kind of appliances you intent to plug. The most important information for every user is the data in kWh. When comparing to cars, everyone is more interested in how fast the car can drive and what its maximum speed is than its nominal output. However, the resemblance to cars ends here. The fact is, the Sun shines on the Earth with various intensity. A power station with CIS panels in Africa can produce more than twofold amount of electricity than the one in Europe.

                  Power stations made from silicon panels are not able to produce such amount of electricity. There are two basic reasons why: 1.) Silicon as a material tends to overheat on the sun which leads to heat loss of 30-40% or even more. 2.) Silicon panels produces electricity out of 1 solar spectrum, whereas CIS panels use 5 solar spectrums. That is why it is important to mainly focus on how much electricity is produced in kWh. When you’re making electricity, you should know as well how to consume it - at the same time as you are producing it. Another way is to know how to store it in the batteries. This is why it is necessary to know how much stored electricity you need to use. Then you can use this kind of electricity anytime you want. However, you need to have a sufficiently large battery storage (it’s important to think about the size of the storage. Batteries are the most expensive part of the whole power station). Furthermore, the solar power station is able to cooperate with the public-state-electric network. When there is electricity in the network and the batteries are discharged, the power station can recharge them or it can wait until the sun starts shining again. It depends exclusively on the user which of the modes he chooses.

                  In case there is a cut in the electric network, the power station produces the electricity from the sun and at the same time it uses its reserves from the batteries. As soon as your consumption lowers, batteries start recharging. When the consumption increases above the level of production, batteries supply the electricity. This is happening every day with every one of the connected appliances.

                  If you don’t have public-state-electric network at your disposal, it is not a problem. Anytime the sun starts shining, the electricity is produced and the batteries are recharged. As soon as the batteries are full, the recharging stops automatically. When you turn on an electric appliance, the stored electricity in batteries starts to pass. If the appliance’s output is inferior to the production, the power station does two things at the same time – it powers the appliance as well as it recharge the batteries. This is why it’s important for you to think about how much electricity you need to store considering the ability to produce electricity in one day. For your better orientation, look at the following example: The power station is able to produce 78-110 kWh/day of electricity in Africa. Your electric appliances will use 50 kWh within 10 hours. Basic battery storage is able to store 5 kWh. In total, it makes 55 kWh. Thus, you can store another 30-50 kWh in your batteries because the power station is able to produce it.

                  However, the size of battery storage is often influenced by purchase cost of the batteries. At the same time, you have to decide about the amount of electricity reserves you intent to have at your disposal. A lifespan of the batteries is sufficiently high thanks to electronic system which controls them (about 12-15 years – if it’s used to 80%).

                  Lifespan of batteries lowers with frequent using and increases when you use them less. Maximum use is always controlled by the automatic system. The less frequent disconnections are the longer the lifespan of your batteries is. That’s why it is always more suitable to use larger battery storage. This way you might prolong the battery lifespan as well as get some reserve for unexpected situations. And reserves are useful. Once the reserves are empty, the automatic system protects the batteries by disconnecting.


                  In case you cannot afford larger battery storage, the batteries give out everything possible. The consumption is stopped then by the automatic system which controls everything in your stead, and your system is maximally used. If you need to produce more than 78-110 kWh in one day, then you should own more than one power station. All the stations are easily connectible in one big unit in order to power more powerful appliances or several less powerful ones. 

                  For investors

                  The basic element of company’s development is the energy. 

                  Our company produces this energy from the sun; our company can transport it anywhere in the world thanks to special containers. Can you imagine living at the present time without the internet, computers, cell phones, refrigerators, dishwashers and all the conveniences of this consumer era? Surely you can’t!

                  All these conveniences of contemporary society are not able to work without electric power. Imagine, there are still 1.1 billion people who do not have access to electricity and thus can’t enjoy the above mentioned inventions. We would like to help such people to increase quality of their lives by giving them the opportunity to utilize all of the benefits invented by human beings.

                  Our target is to help people (such as Doctors without borders and other similar organisations) which could provide their services in places where it hasn’t been possible so far. All this thanks to the mobile solar power station.

                  If we want to help people to get the opportunity of using the electric power in places where there is no electric network, we need to have sufficient amount of financial reserves. That is why we are looking for investors who want to increase the value of their financial resources but also to help many people to improve quality of their lives all over the world (better education, health care, etc.).


                  If you would like to participate in improvement of lives of people from all over the world and, at the same time, make your investments successful, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We are certainly going to find common ground in deciding about the way to supply as many places in the world as possible with the electric power.


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